inter airport Exchange Conference Program - Call for Abstract

The 3rd edition of inter airport Exchange conference will connect the latest science and technology solutions with China’s rapidly developing airport industries. The conference will consist of presentations on the latest R&D projects, technology developments, applications and best practices for airport construction and services. inter airport Exchange’s 2023 community of providers and buyers are interested in hearing case studies and best practice, under the following topics:  


Topics include

  • Airport Strategy: Brand, Revenue and management
  • Airport design and planning
  • Safe operation of the flight area
  • Aviation logistics   
  • Green airports and sustainable development
  • Smart airport and Passenger experience
  • Airport commercial, media and retail 
  • Future urban air mobility, etc


The three-day will gather professors, experts, researchers, and representatives from airports and suppliers, to share insights on research, technologies, applications, and future trends, covering industry opportunities, challenges, and future developments.


If you would like to submit an abstract for consideration for a 20 minute presentation at inter airport China 2023, please click here to download the application form and return to the following contact details below by Friday, July 21st, 2023.



Abstracts and any questions should be submitted in:

Penny Pei

[email protected]


Abstract Guidance

· Your abstract should provide a detailed description of the proposed presentation, the technical aspects to be discussed and any results/conclusions that will be shared. 

· Only abstracts of a technical nature will be accepted, while overtly commercial or salesy submissions may be rejected.

· Applicants will be informed by July, on the success of their submission and presentations will be required by Monday, August 21st, 2023.

· inter airport China 2023 is open to all presenters, however speakers will be required to cover their own expenses related to travel, catering and accommodation for attending the event.

· The conference is bilingual with simultaneous translation provided from Mandarin to English and visa versa during the presentations.


We look forward to receiving your submissions.