As a leading industry event, inter airport China has a history of 16 years

• Be together with hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors, witnessing the rapid growth of airport construction work in China.

• Consistently injects vitality into the civil aviation industry in China

Major companies and brands in the industry and more new technologies

• 240 companies and brands from 20 countries to participate in the inter airport China 2018.

• Extensive products covering the four major sectors of ramp, terminal, data and design.

• New exhibitors, new technology, new ideas.

• Multiple forums to highlight civil aviation trends, focus on hot market topics.

• Resource integration with NAIS Russia, Dubai Airport Show, inter Airport Southeast Asia and inter airport Europe.


Over 300 airport technologies, ground handling, equipment, terminal operation and design & services will be available for you to explore


Gain insights and learn best practices from our selected industry leaders through a series of cutting-edge conference over the 3-day of the exhibition


We develop a one-to-one business matching service for you, recommend exhibitors based on the products and technologies you are interested in, make an appointment in advance and arrange on-site communication with exhibitors, and enhance your visit efficiency and value.


your chance to meet over 5,000 airport industry professionals from China to network, exchange ideas and forge a new partnerships



Match-Making of inter airport china is a special scheme offered for professional buyers. After you pre-register for the exhibition, our system will automatically recommend information of exhibitors that correspond to the products of interest you have checked in the visit registry.  Our recommendation list are desgined to your specifications and beneficial for your visit in terms of :

•enable you to explore more products and exhibitors you've not exposed to before

•save your time to search for exhibitor list, enhance the efficiency and value of your visit

What will you gain from Match-Making?

▷ in-person communication with interested exhibitors, efffectively expand your purchasing channel
instant access to list of new products 
▷ deliver through email and text, no need to download additional apps