The 9th edition of inter airport China


As a professional event based in China that focuses on airport construction, inter airport China has had eight successful editions in Beijing. Over the past 16 years, the event has grown together with hundreds of companies and thousands of visitors, witnessing the rapid growth of airport construction work in China. inter airport China is known in the industry as Asia’s leading event focusing on airport construction. It consistently injects vitality into the civil aviation industry in China thanks to its professional commitment and innovation.

In a variety of ways, the event will showcase the latest equipment and technologies available home and abroad for effective airport solutions and high-quality services. At the event, you will meet with the top 50 airports, airlines, airport construction groups, and design institutions in China as well as trade visitors and buyers from international markets.

A total of 4,314 industry buyers filled the aisles at the latest edition of inter airport China. In what was already a record-breaking edition in terms of exhibition space, equating to a 19% increasing on the exhibitor number, 22% increase on the visitor number and 20% increase of the net area of booth compare to the 2016 show. At the exhibition, you can see the most innovative products and the most advances ideas brought by 240 enterprises and brands from 20 countries and regions, while you can also see decision makers from the top 50 airports and major airlines. This fully demonstrates that inter airport China not only establishing a platform for exchanges and cooperation between domestic airports and world-renowned airport equipment suppliers, but also plays a positive role in promoting the construction and development of China's civil airports.


· Meet the Chinese Aviation Authorities - Master China's aviation blueprint and a peek into the latest industrial insde news

· Tailored "Meet the buyer" Programme - Invite buyers from top 50 Chinese airports and new airport projects

· An Even Bigger Outdoor Display Area - Showcase more comprehensive airport ground support equipment

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• Tailored E-shots and Wechat promotions

• Personal invitations to 20,000 targeted Chinese and Asia airport professionals

• Cooperation with Chinese and international leading associations and media

• Matchmaking service 

• Press releases and show preview 

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The Civil Aviation Administration of China will further the open door policy and work towards the goal of planning 136 additional airports in China by 2025, including 16 in North China, 23 in Northeast China, 16 in East China, 24 in South Central China, 29 in Southwest China and 28 in Northwest China, and bringing the total number of airports planned to 370. 

To 2035

As of the end of 2018, China was home to 235 civilian airports, including 37 whose annual passenger traffic exceeds 10 million. According to estimates in the Action Plan for Building China into A Leading Country in Civil Aviation in the New Era, by 2035, China will have built 216 more airports, bringing the total to 450. It will transform from a leading country in the one area of air freight to one that leads multiple fields of civil aviation. 


· Expansion-Pudong Airport, new terminal project before 2024

· Expansion-Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, 3rd Phase, before 2022


· Expansion-Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, T3B Terminal and 4th runday 

· Expansion-Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport, 3rd phase expansion

· Expansion-Urmchi Diwobao Airport, before 2030


· Expansion-Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, expansion 3rd phase start in 2020, 30 signed project

· Xiamen New Airport, 0.51million sqm, before 2022

· Expansion-Shenzhen Baoan Airport, the 3rd runway


· Expansion-Capital Airport, new runway and renovate three terminals

· Expansion-Daxing Airport, 0.2million square meters satelite hall before 2025

· Expansion-Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport, 4 runway

East China Region

Below are the major construction projects in East China region:


Additionally, the planning and construction of new airport in Nantong plays a crucial role in the “Outline of the Integrated Development of Plan for the Yangtze River Delta”. Along with SHA and PVG, the new airport establishes itself as a main hub for aviation in Shanghai. The new one in Nantong plans to build two runways with capacity of 40 million people. The grade index for flight area is 4F with 50 billion gross investments. According to the plan, the project will start construction in 2021, and operate in 2025. In conclusion, the market in east China region is inestimable.



Smart Airport

Shows artificial intelligence, data, cloud and the Internet, to realize the "smart" integration of all aspects of the airport in the future.

Overseas Brands

International companies and Pavilion show the most cutting-edge airport technologies, ideas and One-stop airport solutions.

Technical equipment

Covers 100 types of ground support equipment, ground handling and airfield construction and installations for terminal and ramp.

GSE Area

Display a variety of aircraft tractors, shuttle bus, aviation food trucks, fire trucks, and  aircraft deicing vehicle .



Encompasses the key areas of ground support equipment, ground handling as well as airfield construction and installations.

Covers the vast array of terminal operations, infrastructure and technical installations.

Showcases a range of specialist hardware and software for a modern, interactive airport.

Showcases a range of specialist hardware and software for a modern, interactive airport.


A total of 4,314 industry buyers filled the aisles at the latest edition of inter airport China. In what was already a record-breaking edition in terms of exhibition space, the largest ever inter airport China also broke visitor records, equating to a 22% increase on the visitor number from the 2016 show.

120 of the world’s leading suppliers displayed the latest technologies, equipment and solutions to visitors responsible for delivering China’s ambitious airport infrastructure and development plans. inter airport reflected the many opportunities in the Chinese market with exhibition space at the show increasing by 20% on the previous edition hence becoming the largest inter airport held outside of Europe.