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不知不觉,北京奥运会已经过去了十二年的时间,一场无与伦比的开幕式,让世界记住了中国,2015年,北京又成功申请了冬奥会,北京成为第一个,既举办过夏季奥运会,又举办冬季奥运会的城市,中国也即将成为举办过五次奥运会的国家,这是中国第一次举行冬季奥运会。此次冬奥会,主要有雪车雪橇滑雪的高山雪地比赛。而inter airport China将为您提前呈现一系列琳琅满目的除雪车辆,让您一睹它们的风采!


Twelve years have passed since the Beijing Olympic Games; the world has also remembered China with an incomparable, splendid opening ceremony. In 2015, Beijing won the bid to hold the Winter Olympics, becoming the first city to hold both Summer and Winter Olympic Games. China is about to become the country that has hosted the Olympic Games five times. As the first Winter Olympics in China, the alpine snow race mainly consists of skiing and snowmobiles. At inter airport China, you will be provided with a wide range of snow removal vehicles in advance!

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Anhui Titan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd




Overaasen Snowremoval Systems


Youpeng Technology


XCMG (Liaoning) Machinery Co., Ltd


Sinotruk Liuzhou Yunli Special Vehicle Co.,LTD


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