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【EDM】November 29th inter airport China live vedio official released!

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2018第八届北京机场设备展虽已落下帷幕,可热度依然不减!业内人士指出,inter airport China 展示了中外企业众多创新产品,搭建起企业与广大用户交流和互动的平台,对于促进机场建设行业更好地、健康地发展起到了积极的作用。本届展会获得了展商与观众的一致好评,在展会现场,展商们纷纷提交了2020年预定表,并扩大了展位。截止至今,70%的展位已被预订,超乎预期!

70% booth has been booked and 2020 will exceed expectations

Although the 8th inter airport China has fallen to the curtain, but the heat is still undiminished! Insiders point out that inter airport China showcase a wide range of innovative products from Chinese and foreign companies, set up a platform for enterprises to communicate and interact with the vast number of users and it has played a positive role in promoting the development of airport construction industry in a better and healthier manner. The exhibition has been unanimously praised by exhibitors and spectators. In addition exhibitors submitted 2020 booking forms at the scene and expanded the booth. As of now, 70% of booths have been booked in a more than expected situation!
今年是中国民航改革开放40周年,民航业的迅速发展预示着未来机场建设仍将在全球有巨大的市场,2019年168个民航机场的补贴预算将达到15.2亿! 民航安全能力建设的377个项目资金预算将达到3.15亿!到2020年底新建机场将达到97个总投资将达到1,500亿!2020年中外品牌将会在 inter airport China 展会上集中发力,谋求新机遇!inter airport China 2020也会做出新的改变和创新,敬请期待!

The focus of civil aviation investment in 2019-2020, revealing the booming airport industry 

2018 is the 40th anniversary of China Civil Aviation reform and opening up, the rapid development of the civil aviation industry heralds that the future of airport construction will still have a huge market in the world; Subsidy budget for 168 civil aviation airports will reach 1.52 billion in 2019!The budget of 377 projects for safety capacity-building will reach 315 million!  The new airport will reach 97 by the end of 2020, with a total investment of 150 billion! Chinese and foreign brands will focus on inter airport China in 2020 to seek new opportunities! inter airport China 2020 will also make new changes and innovations, please stay tuned!

inter airport China 除了和超过30家的国内外民航专业媒体合作以外,还和百度、搜狗、今日头条、网易、搜狐、新浪、凤凰网等上百家知名门户网站合作,尽可能多渠道的提高参展企业的知名度,同时也让观众在第一时间了解展会资讯。

Hundred portals to publish exhibition news in time, maximize publicity efforts
inter airport china not only cooperate with more than 30 domestic and foreign civil aviation professional media, but also work together with Baidu, Sogou, Toutiao, Netease, Sohu, Sina, Ifeng and other hundreds of well-known portals. Increase the visibility of exhibitors as many channels as possible, it also enabling viewers to get information about the show in the first place.
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