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【EDM】September 6th The opening ceremony of inter airport China 2018 in Beijing!

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第八届中国(北京)国际机场技术、设备、设计和服务展(inter airport China 2018)今日上午在北京中国国际展览中心盛大开幕。现场人声鼎沸,再一次证明inter airport China在国内机场行业中的过硬实力和极高的影响力。


The 8th inter airport China opened grandly this morning in the China International Exhibition Centre. The scene was crowded with people, proving again the incredible strength and impression of inter airport China in domestic airport industry.

inter airport China has been held in the 8th times since it started, witnessing the fast and healthy development in domestic civil airport. As the biggest and the most impressive exhibition focusing on airport construction in the Asia-Pacific, inter airport China has become an international event for the deep cooperation between the supply and demand sides of airport technology, equipment and services, and the development of airport construction in the region.

In the 8A gallery, exhibitors present baggage handling systems, environmentally friendly and efficient airport-specific vehicles, airport take-off and landing management systems, integrated self-service check-in, navigation aids, pneumatic waste systems and other cutting-edge equipment.

The 9th outdoor gallery concentrates on special vehicle. Aircraft de-icing vehicles, airport snow removal, snow sweeping, snow throwing, airport shuttle buses, aviation food trucks, freight elevator platforms, aircraft passenger elevators, aircraft clear/sewage vehicles, maintenance platform vehicles, aircraft fuel trucks and other large-scale equipment make it clear for audiences at a glance.
9月6日现场活动 Seminar: