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A comprehensive supporting technical programme will run conditionally alongside inter airport China.

The Civil Management Conference

“The Belt and Road” strategy directly leads China civil aviation industry into a new development opportunity period. In the provinces along the “The Belt and Road”, 33 new airports are built and 51 Hub airport expansion project are completed; The government focuses on propelling 51 civil aviation large and medium-sized construction project with a total investment of 163.6 billion yuan which directly services to the “The Belt and Road”; Our enterprises participate in nearly 40 civil aviation infrastructure construction projects in more than 20 countries along the “The Belt and Road”.
In 2016, “‘the 13th Five-year Plan’ for Chinese Civil Airports Forum” has received high attention. More than 120 experts and scholars from nearly 56 airports, airlines, airport construction and research and design institutions in China came to visit the exhibition and communicate with exhibitors kindly. inter airport China will hold summit forum again in September 2018, focusing on how China civil aviation can serve “The Belt and Road”.

The Technical Seminar

The "Meet the Buyer" Programme and “New Technology Seminar” is the star activity in inter airport China with great attention, which involves dozens of keynote speeches. Each speech has an average attendance of 200-300 people with no empty seats. During the 3-day exhibition, the representatives from CAAC and some major airports will present their airport expansion plans and demands, and the exhibitors will share their latest advanced technology, creative ideas and innovative solutions with buyers.