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截止到6月11日,我们收到了200多家展商和品牌提交的展前预览资料,通过整合排版,主办方已制作完成了inter airport China 2018《展前预览》,详细列明了展商的公司名称、展位号、公司网址、参展展品、产品图片、合作意向等。主办方将会在7月上旬为预登记观众邮寄inter airport China 2018《展前预览》。千万不要错过抢先看到最新产品信息的机会!

By 11th June 2018, we have received show preview materials submitted by more than 200 exhibitors and brands. After integration and typesetting, the organizer has completed the design of show preview of inter airport China 2018, which details the exhibitors’ company name, booth number, company website, exhibits, product pictures, cooperation intentions, etc. The organizer will send the show preview to pre-registered visitors in early July. Don't miss the chance to see the latest product information first!
从目前收到的展商展前预览资料来看,今年的展品将以更注重市场需求出发推出的企业自身拳头产品的展示。很多新品将在inter airport China 2018首发,如飞机牵引车、机场摆渡车、全系列叉车、行李安检系统、以及航空地面设备、仓储搬运设备、电动环保设备和全套交钥匙航站楼方案等。而这只是现场新品实物展示的冰山一角。

According to the show preview materials received from the exhibitors, this year's exhibiting products will demonstrate the company’s own competitive and core products that are more focused on the market’ s demand. Many new products will launch during the inter airport China 2018 period, such as aircraft tractors, airport shuttles, a full range of forklifts, luggage security systems, and aviation ground equipment, storage handling equipment, electrical environmental protection equipment and a full turnkey terminal solution. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of new products display on the spot.